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"Promoting the arts as a vehicle for solution oriented strategic
planning and development across the globe."

The mission, connecting educators and artists, who have the innovation, creativity and a connection with the grassroots level in 193 UN member countries, to impact prioritized humanitarian emergencies and relief operations. These efforts include participation with strategic planning, critical analysis, expert think tank development for background discussions, peer reviewed data compilation and communications that engage decision makers and audiences in a target demographic.


H-II - Stephen Michael Apatow, Artist, Publisher, ASCAP. *
* President, Director of Research & Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute
United Nations Arts Initiative Project
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International Dancescience Development Program
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Sports Medicine & Science Institute
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Accredited: International Dance Council (UNESCO)

Leadership development begins with a support system, that helps all team members reach their potential, focusing on their gifts, talents and capabilities. The purpose is not exploitation, but functional benefit for the mission of the team. This requires a fine balance between the need for tunnel vision during execution of a mission and capabilities that support stability, health, happiness and prosperity in the bigger picture of life. Though paradoxical, the objective is a team of leaders. -- Stephen M. Apatow, Unconventional Leadership Development: From Living on the Edge to being the Cutting Edge

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Arts Integration Into Education
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Performing Arts Resources
United States
  • National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA): The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) is the membership organization that unites, represents and serves the nation's state and jurisdictional arts agencies. Each of the 56 states and jurisdictions has created an agency to support excellence in and access to the arts. On the web at:  http://www.nasaa-arts.org
  • The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (KCAAEN) includes 46 state Alliance organizations, operating in partnership with the Kennedy Center to achieve the following mission: "Recognizing that the arts express the essence of civilization and nurture the highest aspirations of the human spirit, the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network is dedicated to the support of policies, practices and partnerships that ensure the arts are woven into the very fabric of American education." On the web at: http://www.kennedy-center.org
  • ARTSEDGE, the National Arts Education and Information Network, supports the place of arts education at the center of the curriculum through the creative and appropriate uses of technology. ARTSEDGE helps educators to teach in, through and about the arts. On the web at: http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/
  • The Arts Education Partnership is a national coalition of arts, education, business, philanthropic and government organizations that demonstrates and promotes the essential role of the arts in the learning and development of every child and in the improvement of America's schools. On the web at: http://aep-arts.org/
  • Arts Education Services at Americans for the Arts Through advocacy, research, partnerships, and professional development, Americans for the Arts strives to provide and secure more resources and support for arts education. Brochure on the web at: http://www.artsusa.org/pdf
  • International
  • United States Center for the International Association of Theater for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ/USA). On the web at: http://www.assitej-usa.org 
  • International Drama/Theater and Education Association (IDEA). On the web at: www.idea-org.net  
  • International Society for Education through Art (INSEA). On the web at: http://www.insea.org 
  • International Society for Music Education (ISME). On the web at: http://www.isme.org

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Founded to support the development of  initiatives associated with economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues worldwide.  Our mission is to serve as (1) an international community of scholars, (2) a bridge between Humanitarian Resource Institute and the international academic community, (3) a think tank in support of the United Nations programs and (4) the promotion of higher learning through both traditional and distance education. 

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